About us

As a creator first platform - our creator community is at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to building the safest social media platform in the world.

We are an inclusive platform, home to a diverse range of content creators.

Our Mission: What is our purpose and our primary objective

Empowering creators to own their full potential.

Our Vision: What We Hope to Become

Revolutionize the creator economy by building the safest social media platform and providing unparalleled opportunities to our creators and fans.

Our Core Values

All of our values are equally important, and together, they represent who We are at Wild Girls Productions.

Our values are critical to our success — and that of our creators, fans, employees, and our communities.

Respect – We Are Inclusive

Standing firm against discrimination, We value creators from all genres and employees from all backgrounds, embrace our community’s uniqueness and work together to ensure everyone feels included and respected.

Safety – We Protect Our Community

Committing to robust protections and controls that ensure the safety, privacy, and well-being of our creators, employees and Wild Girls Productions community.

Freedom of Expression – We Are Bold

Building a space for creators and our employees to be who they are and express themselves freely.

Integrity – We Are Honest

Trust. Honesty. Transparency. We will always do the right thing regardless of whether anyone is watching and enable others to raise concerns.

Empowerment – We Give You Control

Giving creators control to own and monetize their content and to foster authentic relationships with their followers and fanbase. Giving our employees the ability and opportunity to be their best versions of themselves.

Accountability – We Own it

We take responsibility for our words and actions and own our results.